Welcome to LS 566

Tweeting twitter, blogging blog… just when I was beginning to back away from social media. I understand the concept of the Personal/Professional Learning Network (PLN), and probably it will be beneficial in the long run. But I find that all too often social media removes me from where I am in the moment, and it distracts me from living life here and now, from seeing and paying attention to the people I am with. On the flip side it keeps me in contact with family and friends all over the world, and the point of the PLN is in part to develop contacts and colleagues that I would never be able to meet or keep up with otherwise. So here we go.

TweetDeck made the twitter thing much easier. Last year I started a Twitter account, followed a few funny people, never tweeted… and ultimately put it out of mind. So I can see myself getting on TweetDeck and only looking at what I have to when I am pressed for time. It was easy to get on, I went to the web page and it automatically signed me up.

Feedly is my next task, and watching Dr. MacCall put our blogs into his Feedly makes me sure it will not be a problem getting that going either. That will be tomorrow’s project.

Here’s the think about me and technology. I’m of the generation that first saw computers in high school, first used them in college, and owned one when they were still fairly new. It may take me a bit longer, but I have discovered I can figure out how pretty much anything works. Then I either get sucked into the #thisissocool and spend too much time playing with it, or #ireallydontcareihavestufftodo and walk away. How’s that for hashtags?

Mostly I have #senioritis and want to finish school and find a full time job. But I am also pretty excited about my classes this semester (Metadata, Cataloging, and Theological Librarianship), and pretty overwhelmed that I am starting everything a week late due to the death of my father. So bear with me while I try to catch up and keep up.


One thought on “Welcome to LS 566

  1. Thanks for a very thoughtful post on the PLN! In my opinion (and in my own PLN experience), I would suggest thinking about Twitter and blogging strictly for “business” reasons (with a few exceptions!) and follow a manageable number of professionally relevant accounts in addition to your classmates. Also, one doesn’t necessarily have to think about Twitter and blogging per se; rather, think about checking Tweetdeck and Feedly once a day (or whatever habitual pattern is best for you) and let the tweets and blog posts come to you!

    I’ll be interested in reading more blog posts about your PLN experience as the semester continues! (this is actually referred to as “metabloging” … blogging about blogging! 🙂 http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=metablogging)

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