One thought on “Article Summary #1

  1. Very good work!!

    A person who works strictly with non-cataloging organizing projects would be a “metadata specialist” (at some point, that’ll probably change!!)

    Interesting about having cataloging and metadata together. As I mentioned last week, the essential difference in the two is that catalogers deploy standard tools of the cataloging trade (RDA/AACR2, the Subject Cataloging Manual (SCM), LCSH, LCC, DCC) while the metadata specialist has to compose their own tools from parts (this will be demonstrated by way of our class indexing project .. I’ll definitely be tapping your experience! 🙂 ).

    Probably most important difference is, as you point out, that metadata work involves unique item description (normally digitized objects/images from special collections) while cataloging deals with content held in common with other libraries, which facilitates the sharing of MaRC-encoded bibliographic records. Therefore, cataloging and metadata demand two different mindsets! (in my opinion)

    Enjoyed your post!

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