Cataloging, Tagging, and LibraryThing, Oh My!

I read the Keck article with great interest. I have used LibraryThing to catalog my own books, but not taken advantage of tagging and networking other than the tag that tells me what room of my house a book is in. I plan to look up the groups he talked about to see if they are still in operation, and spend some time examining the LibraryThing “hive mind”.

Another aspect of LibraryThing crossed my path last week. A missionary friend visiting our church invited me to come organize their small library in South Africa. East Mountain has grounds and a house for 14 students to come for one year internships that include Bible training and ministry. They also have short term 1-3 week internships, and Bible classes one Saturday each month in two other locations. Their library is small, about the size of a good pastor’s library. Tinycat is a subsection of LibraryThing, specifically designed to be used as the catalog for a small library, and for a non-profit classroom type library it would be free. The Keck article fed right into my thinking of the past week, and now I am contemplating how to make the tagging options of LibraryThing work to the school’s advantage.

I am so excited to find ways that God can use librarianship in missions; and not just librarianship in general, but cataloging, which is the specific direction I want to go!


Keck, Andrew, Jennifer Bartholomew, and Pat Ziebart. “Using the hive mind to access the reference shelf.” Summary of Proceedings…Conference of the American Theological Library Association 62 (2008):329-340.


2 thoughts on “Cataloging, Tagging, and LibraryThing, Oh My!

    • Yes, it has amazed me each semester how the classes I am in fit with each other. This last semester consists of 3 classes directly related to the direction I want to go, so it is more deliberate.


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