2 thoughts on “Random notes on the “Description” element of Dublin Core

  1. First comment concerns your “Questions for the Client”:

    Our primary audience consists of professional researchers such as someone who is writing a story/article/book or creating a documentary and they need documentation. Also, when a player or former player is in the news (e.g., death of a former player), then we respond to broadcast media.

    Secondarily, fans will walk in to the Museum’s archive and inquire about former players usually family members.

    The archive as a whole is a comprehensive collection of University of Alabama sports, including images, but also other media (newspapers, game programs, memorabilia, etc). We won’t need a specific collection-based definition because we’re dealing with a specific subset of the whole: Football game still images.

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  2. A couple of additional thoughts:
    1. Remember that Thursday night is only about whether or not to keep the description element in our application profile as opposed to *how exactly* to deploy it by way of the indexing guidelines. There will be more guidance on the latter during two class periods after spring break
    2. The main question, then, is whether a free text element (Description) is needed, and this is in conjunction with the Subject and Title element discussion that we’ll be having all at once.

    There’s no right and wrong here, so think about the “yes” or “no” question for discussion on Thursday knowing that I will be a part of that discussion, too, in bringing in issues that you and other students may not of thought about 🙂

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