Article Summary #10 Linked Data

OCLC Works Toward Linked Data Environment (article – 2015)

Libraries are definitely slow to change, maybe it’s because we are preserving history and so we become history. Whatever the reason, the world of computers and internet and search engines has left Marc behind. This should totally be a short story… Marc working alone among a stack of books in an ancient library….  But I digress.

Library of Congress’ project to remedy this is BIBFRAME, and OCLC’s is helps facilitate discoverability using linked data. My understanding is that the idea is to use a structured data markup vocabulary to embed microdata tags that can be recognized by search engines into web pages. I even vaguely understand what I just wrote. The key is interoperability – using the same language (or mapping languages) in all web pages, so the search engine can figure out what the web page is about.

To make our libraries linkable is a trick, because our MARC records contain a lot more specialized information. BIBFRAME is trying to create a new model that contains the data of MARC records using linked data techniques. OCLC through is working to expand the vocabularies to accommodate library data. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

In the meantime, I will sit in my old-fashioned library with my stacks of books, cataloging with authority records and RDA in MARC. And maybe writing that short story.


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